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East Bay Cardiac Surgical Services

Thoracic Oncology

Our practice has a long history of providing advanced care for patients with all forms of thoracic oncology. Dr. Stanten is presently the Chairman of the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Cancer Committee and Co-Director of the Thoracic Oncology Program.

Utilizing the latest techniques, we are able to assist patients with evaluation, diagnosis, and staging of their cancer. All cases are then presented to a multi-disciplinary tumor board consisting of medical oncology, radiation oncology, pulmonary, radiology, and pathology so that therapy can be individualized for each patient. If surgery is required, we have extensive experience and expertise in all techniques to provide the best cancer operation possible. We have a specialized team in the operating room and a highly-trained group of nurses to assist with your post-operative care. This allows us to achieve optimal outcomes and helps patients achieve rapid and full recoveries.